Alzheimers Treatment and Type 3 Diabetes

The best Alzheimers treatment is one which helps to reverse the brain insulin resistance which is at the root of the disease. A low carb, high fat ketogenic diet provides a way for the those with cognitive issues to take control of their health issues and work toward stronger brain function.

My colleague Amy Berger has written a unique, research based, informative book which provides the steps towards dietary changes to rebuild brain function.  The Alzheimers Antidote is a one-of-a-kind e-book provides information on:

  • Why Alzheimers is called Type 3 Diabetes
  • Details on what goes wrong in the brain of a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • How processed foods contribute to the development of Alzheimers,  the role of our modern diet and lifestyle in causing Alzheimer’s and what foods to choose instead
  • The genetic factors involved, how brain cells and cell membrane health work and how they are damaged
  • The dietary strategy for restoring brain function, including foods to include, foods to avoid, and special “superfoods” for the brain
  • Information on the influence of prescribed medications that may worsen Alzheimer's
  • Suggestions for specific supplements to support cognitive function
  • Lifestyle factors you can change to support the dietary changes
  • Links to papers from medical journals for you to explore the scientific research further
  • Steps you can take NOW to feed a starving brain
  • Download a Quick Peek Sample; includes an excerpt and table of contents.

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A Different Alzheimers Treatment Strategy

This is the only book that gathers all the research in one place. Other resources present just parts of the puzzle: coconut oil, Mediterranean-style diets, DHA effects, etc. But these factors alone are not powerful enough to counteract damage accumulating in the brain. Alzheimers is a metabolic disease and addressing both dietary and lifestyle factors are critical for restoring cognitive function.

The medical literature is replete with studies which refer to Alzheimer’s as “type 3 diabetes.” The fundamental issue of Alzheimer's is that the brain is resistant to insulin, and without insulin, brain cells can't utilize a primary fuel source; they are literally starving to death. In effect, Alzheimer’s disease is a brain based “energy crisis”.

In order to delay, stop, and possibly even reverse Alzheimer's damage, two things must happen:

  1. The brain’s ability to metabolize glucose must be restored
  2. Starving neurons must be able access alternate fuel sources as they heal

The strategy outlined in The Alzheimer's Antidote provides the information and tools to fix these issues. It’s a unique source for information on how to regain cognitive function. 

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Did you Know?

Most physicians will tell you that they don't know what causes Alzheimer's Disease, and that there is no cure, but this is not true.  The research literature available tells a very different story.  

There are many studies which show that Alzheimers is intimately linked to insulin resistance in the brain, just as Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance in the liver, muscles and pancreas.  

This is why Alzheimer's has been called Type 3 Diabetes.

Download a Quick Peek Sample of The Alzheimer's Antidote.  Includes an excerpt and table of contents.