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Ketogenic Diet Resource: New Book Launches
June 21, 2016

Hello and Happy Summer!

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I'm writing to tell you that I launched a new book on Amazon today! It's called:

inferior nutrition: rethinking food storage for emergency preparedness

I wrote this book after reading "One Second After", a novel about what would happen if the US were attacked with an electromagnetic pulse(EMP). This type of attack would take out all electronic devices, including cars, planes, computers, refrigerators, generators and the like. In short, the authors seemed to think that people would start dying from starvation within a week or so, and I know from the research that this is not true. Humans can survive several months without food. However, the types of food that are eaten when food is scarce does make a difference.

Most prepper and survivalist resources suggest storing rice, dried beans, grains, flours, sugar, potatoes, and powdered milk as major sources of calories in a disaster scenario. The trouble is that these high carbohydrate foods aren’t compatible with optimal human metabolism during periods of food scarcity. In fact, relying on these foods during periods of calorie restriction can accelerate the metabolic process of starvation. This book explains why high carbohydrate foods are the wrong choice for emergency preparedness and surviving food shortage situations long-term, how these foods work against the body’s natural and protective starvation response, and what to store and eat instead to gain a metabolic advantage in any doomsday or end times scenario.

If you have an interest in this area, I encourage you to pick up a copy and leave a review! You can get it with this link.

And keep an eye out for coming announcements, as I plan to launch "Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet", "Conquer Type 2 Diabetes with a Ketogenic Diet", and "The Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes" in printed format this Fall.

Until next time,

Ellen Davis

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