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Care Oncology Clinics: Keto Compatible
September 06, 2017

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Care Oncology Clinics: Going a Step Further in Cancer Treatment

Travis Christofferson, the author of Tripping Over the Truth, tells me that the first U.S. expansion of Care Oncology Clinics has recently opened in Rapid City, SD (August 2017).  Care prescribes a patented cocktail of repurposed drugs as an adjunctive oncology treatment. He says the repurposing of drugs seems to be one of those things that should have been done a long time ago in oncology but there is no financial incentive driving it. (much like the ketogenic diet). Everyone agrees it's a great idea, both to bring down costs and improve outcomes, yet it's impossible, under the current system of phase 1, 2, 3, to FDA approval, to get it incorporated into standard of care.

For example, metformin has a plethora of data suggesting efficacy for both the prevention and treatment of most cancers. It costs $4.98 for a month supply. Ironically, the problem is that drugs like metformin languish because they are off-patent and no one can make a profit

In this backdrop, Care took a bold step and started treating cancer patients off-label with a cocktail of repurposed drugs taken alongside standard of care therapy. The idea was a trial in reverse--treat patients while collecting data. This Telegraph article explains.

After about four years of treating patients they finally have data for the most aggressive form of primary brain cancer, glioblastoma WHO grade IV. 

The internal analysis conducted to date appears to be extremely encouraging with regards to overall survival, with patients experiencing minimal side effects.  And the data is now in the process of being audited by independent bio-statisticians and should be ready for publication in two to three months (November-December 2017). 

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Ellen Davis, MS

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