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Dietetic Rec Change.. Big News in the Nutrition World!
May 18, 2015

(sending again - I forgot to change the title in my first send)

Wow! Big News!

A major change was announced this past week in the official nutrition recommendations from the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). This is the organization which provides guidelines for registered dietitians, many of whom work in hospitals.

The AND has acknowledged the scientific evidence that saturated fat is NOT harmful, and that the amount of salt in the diet is less important to good health than the amount of sugar consumed.

This is an astonishing change for the AND, which has been steadfast in its dogmatic message that fats in general and especially saturated fat, cholesterol and salt should be minimized in the American diets.

They finally get what we in the low carb world have known for years: for optimal health, people should minimize their “added sugars” (aka carbohydrate) intake, and not worry so much about fat intake.

The article with the announcement is here:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Commends Strong, Evidence-Based Dietary Guidelines Report

or paste this link into your browser:

Hopefully, these changes will filter down and result in healthier meals for patients in hospitals. Who knows, maybe the AND "about face" will also result in a change in the high carbohydrate recommendations which diabetes educators and the ADA give diabetics, and with luck, re-educate other medical professionals who are still pushing a low fat, high carb diet.

This is great victory for nutritional science and healthcare!

Until next time,

Ellen Davis

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