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Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet: now in paperback!
January 17, 2017

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Hello and Happy New Year!

Whew, it's finally done!

Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet is now available in a paperback version on Amazon!

An electronic version of this new edition is also available on my website. You can purchase it here and download it for immediate reading.

You can view a quick peek of the electronic version of the book here.

I wrote Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet to provide a way for people diagnosed with cancer to take back some control over their own care.

This new, fully referenced edition has been updated and expanded and includes more extensive explanations on how the diet works to impede cancer progression, and shares some of the latest research being done on the use of a ketogenic diet as metabolic therapy for cancer.

I've also included new information on complementary therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen treatment and ketone supplementation.

The book is a truly unique and useful guide for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Finally, for those who are wondering, I hope to have both my Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes books out in paperback early in 2017.

Until next time,

Ellen Davis

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