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Metabolic Retreat-November 2017
August 29, 2017

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First ever "Tripping Over the Truth Retreat" being held in November!

Nutrition, Mitochondrial Metabolism, Hormonal, and Toxic Factors in Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease

There will be 38 Presenters, over 50 exhibitors, formal presentations on 3 main stages, informal presentations / breakout sessions including Q&A with presenters, live food demonstrations - 3 day engaging, content packed retreat!

November 3-5, 2017 - Maritime Conference Center, Baltimore, MD

Register to attend at The Tripping Over the Truth retreat website here: TOTT website


Top experts in ketogenic science and metabolic therapies for disease treatment will be speaking, including:

  • Richard Veech M.D. Ph.D.
  • Peter Pedersen Ph.D.
  • Young Ko Ph.D.
  • Thomas Seyfried Ph.
  • Stephen Cunnane Ph.D.
and other experts in mitochondrial, neurological and cancer metabolism.

This event is hosted by

  • Travis Christofferson, the author of Tripping Over the Truth, a great book which tells the story of why cancer treatments in the past have been so unsuccessful and why metabolic therapy treatments are a promising solution

  • Dr. George Yu of The George W. Yu Foundation for Nutrition and Health. Dr. Yu's organization was founded in 2006 to provide grants to individuals and organization involved in biological, chemical, and clinical research in nutrition and its effect on disease

  • Chip and Kendall Reichhart, who are representing the personal stories of families who face the problems of treating a fatal cancer like brain Glioblastoma using traditional medical and surgical therapy. The frustrations and the ineffectual treatments which they endured brought them to the creation of this retreat. The retreat will honor families like the Reichhart family, who have bravely searched for an integrative form of therapy for this fatal disease.

You can download a poster about this event here:

TOTT poster

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I'm excited to attend, as I have not met many of the speakers presenting and I expect there will be a great deal of new information on metabolic therapy and ketogenesis in general. If you are interested in the science of ketogenic diets, don't miss this conference! See you there!

Until next time!

Ellen Davis, MS

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