If you bought a book I didn't sell...

Another company has used a domain similar to mine (keto resource org) to scam people into buying books and other products. I have gotten hundreds of emails from really upset people complaining about not getting what they ordered. I have contacted this company and they refuse to fix the problem they created.  Hence this message.

THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT FROM MY WEBSITE.  I DO NOT sell any other product besides the books that I've written and show at the bottom of this page.  If you have purchased a book or other product from this other company, and haven't gotten it, please contact them.  Here's an email address (with spaces to prevent an actual link) I've been told is supposed to help:  support @ ketoresource. org

Here's another tip. You can also contact Callisto Media who is the parent company and complain to them.  http://www.callistomedia.com/#contact

You have my sympathy, but I can't do much else to help, even though I've tried, I'm sorry to say.

Please know that if you buy a book from MY website (see my books below), you get an email with an electronic link to download it, and no problems.  Or you order from Amazon if you want the paperback.  Either way, you get what you paid to get.  

In addition, I am now getting emails about products sold by intoketosis. com or ketozin. com.  These are not my products or websites either.  I don't have contact info for them.

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Now if you mean to contact me, thank you and hello. My name is Ellen, and I have a Master's degree in applied clinical nutrition, and I write this website to freely offer information about food and nutrition with the hope of helping others feel better and live longer.

No outside entity pays or influences me with respect to site content. Your donations to support my efforts are greatly appreciated, and gratefully accepted.

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