A New Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Tool!

Introducing KetoPoints, a new ketogenic diet weight loss tool !

KetoPoints.com helps you plan ketogenic meals using an easy point system.  This newly designed program includes:

  • Personalized Starter Meals:  the plan includes meal suggestions which are personalized for your individual needs so you can get started quickly.
  • Quick and Easy Directions:  easy to follow cooking directions are offered with each meal.
  • Step-by-Step Meal Planning: Use our point system to walk you through meal planning.
  • Five Informative Quick Guides: Use the Getting Started, Shopping List, Meal Planning Basics, Symptom and Solutions and FAQ guides to help you get the most out of Ketopoints.
  • New Meal Additions Monthly: new personalized meals are added monthly.

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The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss is Best

There have been many studies which compared diets for weight loss effectiveness, and older ones often come to the conclusion that weight loss is the same on any diet, because it all comes down to calories. 

If you look at the actual data, many of those older studies used low carb diets that were actually moderate carb diets, meaning carbohydrates made up from 30% to 40% of the diet. 

In contrast, many recent studies which looked at true ketogenic diets show results that are turning over the calorie-in, calorie-out hypothesis. 

These studies include:

  • In a 2017 study, Saslow et al conducted a randomized controlled trial in which a group of obese, diabetic adults were asked to follow a ketogenic diet and researchers compared them to a similar group asked to follow the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) “Create Your Plate” low fat diet. The trial lasted 32 weeks, and at the end, the ketogenic group had lost more weight (almost 13 kg lost on keto versus 3 kg on the ADA diet) and had better blood sugar control (as measured by an HbA1c test) than the ADA group. In fact, the ADA group had not improved their blood sugar control at all. Even more telling was that the ADA group had a dropout rate of almost 50%, while only one person dropped out of the ketogenic group. 
  • In a 2014 meta-analysis, researchers conducted an extensive search of randomized controlled studies which looked at the effects of low carbohydrate diets versus low fat diets on weight loss and risk factors for heart disease. Each study included had more that 20 healthy subjects per group in a intervention that covered at least 6 months time. The results from 11 studies following almost 1400 people were compiled and the researchers found the people on the low carb diets experienced a greater reduction in body weight. 
  • Another 2017 paper discussed the obvious fact that adherence to a weight loss dietary plan is critical to its success.  The researchers talked about how ketogenic diets addresses the increased drive to eat that those who have weight issues.  Their discussion included the results of this study and this one
  • Gardner et al. conducted their widely cited A to Z Weight Loss Study comparing a ketogenic Atkins diet to the Ornish, Learn and Zone diets) and the results published in this paper showed that in groups of pre-menopausal overweight and obese women, those in the Atkins group lost more weight at 12 months that women in the Zone, Ornish or LEARN diet groups.

If you have a weight loss goal in mind, a ketogenic diet plan is a great tool for accomplishing your goal.  And KetoPoints is a great tool for finally getting great weight loss results. 

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